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Rock City Music offers repairs to most stringed instruments and can do instrument restring and setups on site. We also offer electronic repairs on most stringed instruments and can provide more comprehensive repairs like fret dressings, refret, pickup installation, bridge reset and more. Stop by today with your instrument to get an estimate.

Repair Price List


Acoustic Guitar: $15 + Strings
Electric Guitar: $15 + Strings
12 String: $25 + Strings
Locking Tremolo: $50 + Strings
Classical Guitar: $20 + Strings
Banjo: $20 + Strings
Mandolin: $20 + Strings
Autoharp: $100 + Strings
Dulcimer: $15 + Strings
Violin: $20 + Strings

General Set-Up

$50 + Strings for Acoustic and Electric
$100 + Strings for Locking Tremolo

Set Intonation: $25

For electronic or specialty work estimates are given upon inspection of the instrument.

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